When are the games?

The first game will be played on December 3rd. The playoffs start in mid-February and conclude toward the end of February. Most games are played on Saturdays, with an occasional game during the week.

Where are the games?

Most games are held at Madison District Schools or other facilities in the North Central Phoenix area.

When are practices?

Practice times and locations are determined by each individual coach and are generally once or twice a week.

What if I can't practice a certain day of the week?

When registering, please note the days and times you are not available to practice and the RAMMS coaches will do their best to accommodate.

Can I be on the same team as a friend?

Coaches' children are automatically placed on the same team as their parents. To keep competitive balance, the RAMMS coaches evaluate players prior to the season and select players based on their skill level. So, except for coaches' children, RAMMS does not guarantee that players will be on the same team.

Why does RAMMS do evaluations at the start of the season?

RAMMS has evaluations of all players in the league to rank & draft players into teams of very similar skill level.  The goal of RAMMS is to have every team be very close in skill level.

Why does RAMMS draft teams?  Why not just allow coaches to form teams on their own?

It is the desire of RAMMS is to have excellent competition in each league.  The draft is a great method for balancing the skill level of all teams, which will typically result in strong competition in league play.  

Can my child be on the same team as another child?

Typically, no.  Because of the draft, children can’t be guaranteed to be on the same team as a friend.  The exception is for siblings.

Who can be a coach?

Parents of youth participating in the league who have passed the coach’s application are permitted to coach.  There is a maximum of 2 coaches per team who are guaranteed to have their children on their team.

Can my child be on the same team as a coach for carpooling?

There is no guarantee.  Because of the draft, children may not be on the same team as a friend, or carpool group.

This is a rec league.  Why is RAMMS so concerned about good competition?

The short answer is that good competition benefits our children in a myriad of ways.  Good competition motivates players to improve & learn, motivates coaches to teach & mentor in better ways, help children to learn how to win & lose gracefully, how to perform under pressure, to develop good physical fitness, to set goals, to have an environment to make mistakes & learn, and the list goes on.  Plus - competition is a lot of fun!

How does RAMMS handle competition that gets out of control?

Every parent who signs up their child to play in RAMMS agrees to the RAMMS Code of Conduct.  Any parent, player, coach, fan, or referee that violates that code is subject to disciplinary action from the RAMMS Disciplinary Board.